Writing Your Book — Just Do It

plant a treeThinking about writing your book? Let me tell you a story. Last week, we celebrated my husband’s birthday. Prior to our trip up north, I asked him what he wanted.

In a previous life, his ex surprised him with a party. He was not amused. I didn’t want to make the same mistake. Instead, I asked him outright what he wanted.

He told me that one of the biggest regrets in his life was not learning how to play the guitar. I thought, “That’s it?” That’s easy to fix! Then, with my encouragement, he bought a guitar. Almost a day doesn’t go by without him thanking me for prodding him to take the plunge.

Writing Your Book

And that’s my advice to you. If you have been thinking about writing your book, just do it. Start! Let this proverb be your inspiration:

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

Look at it this way. Five or ten years from now, you can say how glad you are about writing your book. Or, you can say how you wish you would have started. It’s your choice.

I had a similar awakening when it came to college. I didn’t go right after high school. I had a good job—and a boyfriend. Later, I regretted not going. Then, I did it. I dropped my job for student loans and went back to school. I’ve never looked back since.

That’s how it is about writing your book. The act of getting it down on paper is powerful. I can’t think of a greater feeling than knowing what my book feels like when printed out. You get a real sense of your accomplishment when you heft a manuscript. It’s priceless.

You may or may not publish it. That’s okay. You can easily make that dream come true with something like CreateSpace.com though if you choose. The important thing is to write it down. Think of it as your legacy.

Once you make the commitment to write, you’ll find that inspiration comes to you at the oddest of times. Your mind will work on it when you’re doing the dishes, mowing the lawn, or taking a walk. And when it’s done, you can call yourself a writer. Well done!

http://mystery.weborglodge.com/By Chris DR

photo credit: Shawn Harquail (away 3 weeks) via photopin cc