Walking Boosts Learning Engagement

walkingIf you were wondering how to increase learning capacity, a study by Sweden’s KTH Royal Institute of Technology has an answer for you. Lecturer, Olle Bälter, found that by taking the classroom outdoors and walking increased students level of engagement in course studies.

Walking Offers Benefits

Bälter reported that students participated more when active during classes than sitting in a classroom. Walking, it seems, lifted the stigma of discussions, allowing students to speak more freely.

The active time also provided physical benefits which sedentary activities could not. Perhaps the feelings of freedom and engagement boosted endorphin levels a bit too, adding to the positive experience.

Behind the Experience

One might also look to the role reversal that walking as a group offers versus the traditional classroom setting. A lecturer speaking in the front of a group of students may intimidate some. When walking, a student didn’t have to fear being in front of the class and perhaps answering a question wrong.

Or it could be that walking is an enjoyable activity. It may harken back to pleasant grade school memories of field trips. It isn’t threatening, but rather passive. By removing such obstacles, students may have felt more free to express themselves.

Lessons for Writers

This study offers good ideas for writers looking to boost their creativity. The computer and desk may create the same experience as the classroom. By breaking away from this experience, a writer may find it easier to hear the Muse.

Great writers of the past, such as Wordsworth and Thoreau, knew the benefits of walking. It sparked creativity and new ideas. It generated many poems, essays, and other works that have stood the test of time.

The KTH The Royal Institute of Technology study reminds us that breaking from the usual routine has its benefits. For the student or writer, they can offer something that is priceless.

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photo credit: .donna.dark via photopin cc