Keeping Sane After the Book

keeping saneYou’ve done it. You finished your book. Now the hard part comes—keeping sane. As writers, we experience our most fragile moments after we publish. We’ve put our souls into our work. Now comes the time for the world to see us at our most vulnerable.

Keeping Sane

An essential but difficult skill to obtain is a tough skin. Let’s face it. Things aren’t always going to go easy. There will be times when you get anxious or down. Sales may not be what you hoped for. Maybe someone didn’t like your take on a particular subject.

It hurts. And it’s normal. It’s okay to feel these emotions. I found myself feeling them to with every painting I put on auction.

Moving Pass the Negativity

For writers, we have to remember several things in perspective to achieve this lofty goal of keeping sane. It’s all a matter of putting things in the right perspective.

Don’t Take It Personally

Remember, your involvement with your book is different than everyone else. To you, it’s your baby. It deserves the utmost attention. Others will need time to fall in love with it. And just because they don’t right away is not a condemnation of you or your work.

People are busy. There are numerous distractions. Sometimes, it’s hard to be heard upon the noise. And believe me, there’s a lot of noise.

Remember Your Achievements

When things don’t go the way you’ve planned, take those moments to remember your achievements. You wrote a book! That’s a helluva achievement. Think about it. You set a goal, and you met it. You did it! That’s fantastic of itself. Don’t forget that.

And think about all that went into accomplishing that goal. It wasn’t just the writing, but it was the editing, the formatting, and the publishing. That’s a lot of work. But you stuck to it. You finished it.

Embracing Mindfulness

When doubt threatens to overwhelm you, pause. When negative self-talk invades your thoughts, pause. Live in the moment. At this moment, you are more than a writer; you are an author.

Too many times, our thoughts rush to the future or seek out the past. The best place for them is the here and now. Let yourself feel that rush again of accomplishment. The rest will fall in place. Enjoy the moment.


photo credit: Poor Charlie Brown! He’s lost his mind! via photopin (license)