Editing Made Easy

editing solutionPerhaps the title of this post made you chuckle. Editing made easy? Yeah, right. But, hang on. There is an easier way to edit your book. It’s called Pro Writing Aid.

Editing with Pro Writing Aid

If you’ve read anything online lately, you’ve probably noticed what everyone has too—people make mistakes. Even major newspapers and editors let a few slip by. And the reason might be simpler than you think.

Microsoft, or any word processor for that matter, cannot catch everything. Even your browser misses a few. The reason is that it looks for spelling and grammar errors, not contextual errors. That’s where Pro Writing Aid comes in.

It looks for the obvious stuff like typos. But it goes one step further. Their editing tool looks for clichés, overused words, repeated phrases, and much more.

It also includes things like plagiarism check and consistency screens. The latter was helpful as I wrote 101 Things to Do on Lake Minnetonka. It flagged inconsistencies in capitalization where I referred to the lake by name and other times as simply, the lake. It’s a good way to check some errors that would pass a spell check but not a readability scan.

Streamlining the Process

As I wrote my book, I followed the golden rule of not editing along the way. I just wrote. Then, I put each item in the Pro Writing Aid tool. I cleaned up my writing. And I’ve got to say that I was shocked by how much I missed.

When my reader looked over the book, he found very few errors. And yes, the editing process was easier than it’s ever been for me.

You can try it out to see if it’s for you. If you like it, the Pro Writing Aid tool is a subscription-based service at $40 a year or $45 for the additional plagiarism checks. I would definitely encourage you to check it out.

The last thing you want as an indie author is to come across as an amateur. The Pro Writing Aid tool makes your work appear more professional.