December 13–National Violin Day

violinIf you didn’t know it, today is National Violin Day. What better time of year than the Christmas season than to promote violin music!

As kids, we always had music playing in our house. Whether it was my dad’s strange love for gypsy music or Fred Astaire singing, “Way You Look Tonight,” music filled our lives.

When I left home and the family’s electric organ, I admit that I missed music. I then decided to take up the violin. Now, for those of you that have never attempted playing the violin, let me tell you this–it’s hard. It requires a keen ear for pitch and melody. It requires strong arm muscles. Keeping that violin tucked under your chin is hard work too. Having callused fingertips also helps, but you’ll get those after time, so don’t worry.

Unlike other instruments where with a little practice it sounds like you’re playing something, the beginner’s road is a tough and painful one. It takes awhile not to make sound that makes the neighbor’s dog howl. I took lessons with a nice, patient Russian lady. Unfortunately, the violin and I were not destined to be. I gave it up after about six months.

Today, I have new appreciation for violin music. I appreciate it for its beauty. I appreciate it for the skill that is necessary to play well. Today, as good as any day, it a good day to savor some of the most beautiful music ever.

Photo by tasosanton