Journal to Capture True Emotions

journal writingKeeping a journal offers an opportunity to practice writing daily. Comfort remains a big part of the game. That feeling also transcends to capturing emotions.

Creating a realistic scene with believable emotions is difficult. You can easily conjure what you would say in certain situations. However, the heat of the moment often produces unexpected things. Like it or not, we experience emotions that we probably would rather not, such as anger, sadness, and jealousy. They are part of being human.

Using Your Journal for Better Recall

When we later try to recall them, our memory fails us. The events exist behind a veil of foggy recollection. Think about trying to remember who said what after a fight. Your journal can help you document those raw emotions. They can then become the material for a realistic portrayal of conflict.

After a tense moment, your feelings may soften. The raw emotions are the stuff of drama. Recreating a scene often injections things that don’t speak to the event. They come across as contrived.

Next time you experience something emotional, take time to journal about it. Delve into your feelings–the good and the bad. Your writing creates the raw material that can become the basis of a strong scene.

Lacking Logic

Humans often act without logic. We do stupid things sometimes. This fact often becomes lost in the world of fiction. It appears often in conversation. If the exchange is a logical back-and-forth answers to questions, chances are that it isn’t real life.

Our dialogues often take weird paths. We segue into other topics as we talk based on what is going through our minds and not necessarily in keeping up with the conversation at hand.

The same can be said of our emotion. I’d doubt that there is any one among us who has never questioned their thinking following an emotional event. Emotions have a different agenda than our rational mind. That is what makes writing about them so difficult.

Your journal allows you to explore these feelings that may make no sense whatsoever with the benefit of hindsight. Remember that logic proceeds methodically; emotions run wild. Besides helping your writing, you also gain that welcome opportunity to vent. No one has to know the crazy depths your emotions travel except you.

photo credit: laurabillings via photopin cc